Monday, December 30, 2019

Fifty West Brewing Co to Launch Electrolyte Beer at Kroger in Conjunction with 2020 Training Groups

Fifty West Brewing Co to Launch Electrolyte Beer at Kroger in Conjunction 
with 2020 Training Groups

(Cincinnati, OH) After a successful inaugural season of Fifty West Training Groups in 2019, the brewery plans to continue its marathon training program in the new year, complete with a beer designed for active people. Fifty West Training Groups will, again, partner with JackRabbit to power its 17-week running program that provides group coaching for those looking to run the Flying Pig half or full marathon in 2020. 

“Every running group in Greater Cincinnati starts and ends at a shoe store. We saw an opportunity to shift this paradigm with Fifty West. What better place to finish a run than their active lifestyle-focused campus? This simple change brings more social value to the group and creates a big, dynamic support system. Our partnership with Fifty West has the added benefit of offering quite a few more perks than your average running group,” said Matt Frondorf, GM of JackRabbit O'Bryonville.

“Running transformed my life. Training got me into shape, instilled discipline, and helped create a wonderful sense of accomplishment and community. Through this platform I’ve witnessed the same personal journey and evolution among the people that train with us,” said Fifty West Founder and President, Bobby Slattery. “We are proud to bring Fifty West Training Groups back in 2020. I can’t wait to meet the next group of people looking to make a positive change in their lives while having fun and making new friends.” 

With its differentiating aim to be a more social marathon training program, the brewery accepts runners of all skill levels and is quick to provide beers after a run. Coinciding with the first week of training, Fifty West will introduce a new beer crafted specifically for people pursuing a balanced and active lifestyle. Quencher, a 100 calorie, gluten-reduced beer featuring low alcohol, no added sugars, and the addition of electrolytes, will be available at Greater Cincinnati Kroger locations, beginning the second week of January. 

“The trend of “healthier-for-you” beer is on the horizon with a slew of new products coming to market. I believe we are uniquely positioned to do well in the segment. Our established Cincinnati campus featuring volleyball leagues, canoe and kayak rentals, a cycling shop, and access to the Little Miami Scenic Trail allows us to activate and provide real experiences around Quencher,” said Max Fram Fifty West’s Vice President of Strategy and Operations.

A preview night and free group fun run for anyone interested in Fifty West Training Groups will be held at Jackrabbit O’Bryonville on January 2nd at 6:30pm. The store will additionally be offering 20% off participant’s total bill that evening (some exclusions apply). More information and registration for the group is now open on the brewery’s website.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Children In Breweries And Questions Formed

So this past Saturday, I had a little time to kill and decided to stop by a couple of breweries to try some new beers and grab a bite to eat, nothing too surprising and not something that I have done many times before. But this time was a little different as I watched what was being displayed.

Over the last few months, I have seen and read various pieces around whether children or pets should be allowed at breweries. This has never been a real issue for me, as I have seen people bring their dogs who in my situations have always been well behaved. I have also seen some people with children who have also tended to be well behaved, but as I mentioned today was a little different.

So as I am sitting at my table starting to eat and drink while checking some beer sites, updating the YouTube channel and doing some other various things, all of a sudden I just hear the yelling of two children running back and forth. Now at this point, they aren't near me, but that was soon to change. They are kids being kids, probably around 3-year olds or younger and just doing what kids do.

However, as they ran back and forth screaming and chasing each other, I decided to watch the mother of one of them as to how she reacts to all of this. How do I know she is the mother of only one? This is because she pulls up the other child's mother on her cell phone almost next to me to where the kids have been running at this time, so now it's not just the kids but the one mother thinking she is in her own space not realizing others around her.

But as I watched, I had various questions enter my mind. What happens if one of these kids somehow fell and hurt themselves, who would be responsible? What if I had plugged in my computer which would have been into a wall outlet and across where they were running. If something happened then who would be responsible if they were to trip? Or if the computer was knocked off the table, the cost of replacing it? What was going through the mother's mind to think it was okay to let kids just run through a brewery?

 Of Tykes and Taprooms: Do Kids Belong in Breweries?
Of Tykes And Taprooms: Do Kids Belong In Taprooms? Credit: Beer Advocate
At one point, I thought to ask them about their children running around but was more curious to what was taken place even as I looked right at the mom like, these are your kids, shouldn't you be managing them? But then a funny thing happened, the what I assume was the grandmother who would later be followed by the grandfather, started to try to corral the children. They started to try to limit how far they would go, but you know, they're kids and like many of us when young we tested boundaries. But, I did appreciate the attempt which was more than the one mother that was there.

All in all, it wasn't a terrible thing in the large scheme of everything but it did raise the questions I mentioned plus others. If parents bring children to a brewery then should they be required to manage and keep them within a certain area? Also, is it really a good environment for little children to be in what can usually be an adult heavy area where who knows what may happen or be said? You wouldn't expect little children in bars, but somehow, breweries have tended to become okay.

And I'm not saying people with children shouldn't' be able to go out and have fun at breweries as well, but I would just think there should be a more responsible factor in manage children if you bring them. What do you think?

Like I said, in the end it tended to work out fine, Although, once I finished eating and drinking my flight, I went to my second brewery had a flight there and also purchased more beer to take home, and ultimately, shot a nice video for the YouTube channel since it was much more peaceful even though more crowded but sans children. What are your thoughts on the matter?

And, check out the video below of me sampling some solid brews at the second brewery, Cheers!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Urban Artifact Press Release: Night Market -- Retailer Appreciation Program Release

Introducing our newest Retailer Appreciation Beer

Night Market

Beer Stats
Beer Name:  Night Market
Beer Style:  Midwest Fruit Tart
Fruit(s) used:  Mangosteens & Bananas
ABV:  9.5%
IBU: 15
To show our gratitude for our partners, we are releasing the next beer in our Retailer Appreciation Program.  Night Market is a bright and refreshing beer to finish off summer with, featuring notes of banana and various tropical fruits - this beer is the perfect drink for a late summer afternoon!  As part of our Retailer Appreciation Program, this beer will be featured exclusively at retail locations in draft and cans, meaning that none of this beer will see the UA taproom.  We hope that you enjoy this beer as much as we have, and continue to enjoy our products for years to come!
Mangosteen vs. Mangoes
*Mangosteens and mangoes are very different fruits and only share a commonplace of origin 
With the release of Night Market, we wanted to share some of the differences between mangosteens and mangoes! Here are some facts about mangosteens:
  • Native to Southeast Asia
  • Taste like a mixture of lychee, peach, strawberry, and pineapple
  • Need an annual rainfall of at least 50in
  • Need temperatures between 50℉-100℉ to grow
  • It takes between 7-15 years for a mangosteen tree to start producing fruit
  • The national fruit of Thailand 
With the release of Night Market, we wanted to share some of the differences between mangosteens and mangoes! Here are some quick facts about mangoes:
  • A juicy, stone fruit
  • Are native to Southeast Asia
  • The national fruit of India and Pakistan
  • Cultivated in India as early as 2000 BC
  • Related to cashews and pistachios
  • Their trees can grow up to 131ft tall
  • Have trees that are still producing fruit after 300 years
  • Take anywhere from 3-6 months to ripen
About Urban Artifact
 Urban Artifact is a brewery in Ohio that produces only sour beer with a focus on real fruit and ingredients. Located in the heart of the city with a taproom, full bar, and live music venue, in the historic St. Patrick’s Church in Cincinnati's Northside neighborhood. Urban Artifact opened their doors with their first beers and music shows in April 2015. Urban Artifact’s beers are inspired by their culture and community, and by the microscopic natural world around us.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

What I Enjoy About The Craft Beer Community

There are many things to enjoy about the craft beer community, from the wild variety of great tasting beers, the what seems to be unlimited access to them as more and more breweries launch and increase distribution, to just the fun and general camaraderie of it all. And that's the part that I would I say I have enjoyed the most.

This past weekend I was able to connect with the guys from my Beer Flow show that we run on my YouTube channel on Thursday evenings at 9:15 pm eastern each week.

It is through the beer world that we were all able to meet and forge some great friendships and even though this was our first time meeting in person, except for Todd and I which was our second, to an outside person it would seem we knew each other for years...fact is we have, but just not in person.

Some people have said online friendships aren't real and they're not the same as being in-person. But I could easily say some real friendships met offline in person could be the same way as well, as some may not be true friends. And in a way, some may be more relaxed online than off, regardless, our coming together was a good thing and no doubt real. And it wasn't just with us, other beer friends have done the same from around the country and the results seem to always be great and all from just our love of beer.

Different backgrounds all coming together around one thing that has helped to broaden horizons and introduce people that may have never met previously, that's just awesome to me.

Getting to meet Joe, Eric, and Todd, along with Joe's dad, Average Pop well really Jack but Average Pop to us, after doing 70+ episodes of YouTube shows and not to mention other YouTube and Facebook things was a capper to all that has been built thus far. It is something that I look forward to doing again not only with these guys but with others as well. The beer community isn't perfect, but it's got a lot of good things going for it, and camaraderie is on that list.

Check out one of our brewery visits here, and visit the YouTube channel to see more...and now Go Out And Get Your Beer On with some friends preferably.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Beer Tuber Spotlight: The Beer PaTroll

Here I sit down with Joe from the Beer PaTroll and one of the Beer Flow show participants. Check out our chat, and also check out his channel here:

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Grand Cru Beer Review from Rhinegeist And Quaff Bros.

This Grand Cru is a Belgian-Style Dubbel Collaboration from two of my local breweries, Rhinegeist and Quaff Bros. At 10% ABV, this is one smooth ale...check out the video to see and hear what I mean.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Stout Beer Review With A Rhinegeist Calfe

This time I take a look at Calfe from Rhinegeist which is a Coffee Milk Stout from the Cincinnati Brewery. Check out the video to see and hear my thoughts on this beer that is Cincy Made.

Jungle Jim's Beer Haul and Unboxing Live Stream

I decided to make a run out to Jungle Jim's which means more beer, of course, check out what I picked up on this beer haul and what I share with this unboxing.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Ohio Craft Brewers Association Releases Beer List for Six One Pour Festival

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio Craft Brewers Association has announced the beer list for the fifth annual Six One Pour: The Ohio Craft Beer Fest, to be held on Saturday, May 18 from 6-9 p.m. This year, the Center of Science & Industry(COSI) will host the popular beer festival, which will feature 50 independent Ohio breweries. Six One Pour is the signature event of Columbus Craft Beer Week presented by Giant Eagle, a nine-day celebration of craft beer running May 17-25.

General admission tickets are available in advance for $45, which includes a souvenir glass and tasting tickets for 20 four-ounce samples. Early admission tickets are also available for $55, allowing entry at 5 p.m. Designated driver admission is available for $15 and includes a food/non-alcoholic beverage voucher. Six One Pour tickets can be purchased online at

This year’s official Columbus Craft Beer Week collaboration beer, also called Six One Pour, will be on tap at the event. The hazy pale ale was brewed at Seventh Son Brewing Company in Columbus, with input, support and assistance from 18 central Ohio breweries. The beer will be available on draft at select participating breweries in the weeks leading up to the festival; six-packs will be sold at Giant Eagle and other Columbus-area retailers starting in early May.

In addition to the bountiful craft beer selections at the event, Six One Pour will also feature a craft-beer-focused food menu, including pulled chicken sliders with Land-Grant 1862 BBQ sauce and whole soft pretzels with BrewDog Punk IPA beer cheese.

Users of the Ohio On Tap statewide brewery passport app will receive five bonus passport stamps for attending Six One Pour, which can be redeemed for prizes through the app.

Lyft will offer a $5 single-ride discount to or from Six One Pour or any Columbus Craft Beer Week event. Riders can use code CRAFTBEERCBUS to activate the promotion.

Six One Pour: The Ohio Craft Beer Fest and Columbus Craft Beer Week are fundraisers for the Ohio Craft Brewers Association. This year's Columbus Craft Beer Week celebration includes 200 craft beer events at 65 participating breweries, bars, restaurants and retail shops around central Ohio.

Six One Pour: The Ohio Craft Beer Fest is sponsored by (614) Media GroupBoelter BeverageCD102.5The Country Malt GroupDrink Up ColumbusFrantz WardLyftHomeAdvisorMosaic Employee Benefits and The TEAM, as well as the following participating breweries: Columbus Brewing Company, Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, Nostalgia Brewing, Platform Beer Co., Royal Docks Brewing Co., Yellow Springs Brewery, Barley’s Brewing, Brew Brothers at Scioto Downs, The Brew Kettle, Catawba Island Brewing Co., Combustion Brewery & Taproom, Elevator Brewing Co., Grainworks Brewing Co., Hofbrauhaus Columbus, Homestead Beer Company, Jackie O’s Brewery, Lineage Brewing, MadTree Brewing, Nocterra Brewing, Paradigm Shift Brewing, Parsons North Brewing, The Phoenix Brewing Company, Random Precision Brewing, Seventh Son Brewing, Streetside Brewery, Warped Wing Brewing and Wooly Pig Farm Brewery

Six One Pour Beer List
Alematic Artisan Ales
· Vivrant Thing - Blackberry Gose
· Self Care - Strawberry Lemon Saison
· Blood Thirst Wheat
· 2001: A Haze Odyssey
· Dark Abbey
· Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine
· Vienna Lager
· The Gray – American Lager
· Staycation – Lemon Lime Gose
· Jerry – Oak Fermented Sour Red Ale with Cherries
· White Rajah
· Major Lager
· Kitka
· Shandy Shores
· Hot Blonde
· Walleye-P-A
· Seiche Scottish Ale
· Waterspout Stout
· Bodhi
· SummerTeeth
· Grasshoppa
· Creeper
· Insane Wanderer Vol. 4
· Giant’s Bainne
· Brett and Ernie
· Back of House Pilsner
· more TBD
· Mayflower Macchiato - Espresso Milk Stout
· Now We're Talkin' - Double IPA
· Jalapeno Sir Veza - Jalapeno Infused Mexican Lager
· Pelotonia Pilsner - Czech-style Keller Pils
· The Seeds Are the Fruit NEIPA with Strawberries
· Roadside PB Porter
· 380 IPA
· 3 Frogs IPA
· Uptown Pilsner
· Bleeding Buckeye Red
· Heiferweizen
· Red Wheat and Blue
· Gravity 5
· Strange Magic
· Bumble Berry
· Blood Orange Pale Ale
· Hefeweizen
· Great Lakes IPA
· Lake Erie Monster
· Holy Moses Raspberry
· Cloud Cutter
· Dortmunder Gold
· Lorelei – Kolsch
· Bossy Blonde - Blonde Stout
· Kickback Kölsch with Black Raspberry
· Hairless Tang Tangerine Wheat Ale
· Lager
· Hefeweizen
· Yabba Dabba Brew Fruity Pebbles IPA
· Bamm-Bamm Cocoa Pebbles Stout
· Ace Run Crushable Hazy IPA
· 2018 Bourbon-Barrel Aged Bison Imperial Stout
· Zack Morris IPA
· Pseudo Insubordination Berliner Weisse with peaches
· Lost Marbles
· Razz Wheat
· Concentrate Hazy IPA
· Pool Party Pilsner
· Midnight Sickle Russian Imperial Stout
· Apricot Brett Saison
· Spaceship #6 IPA
· Bernice Berliner Weisse
· Searchlight Shandy
· Dead Man's Throttle Hazy IPA
· Brunch So Hard Brut Rosé IPA
· Cucumbre Cucumber Tart Wheat
· PsycHOPathy IPA
· Lift Kolsch
· Disco Dancer IPA
· Witbier
· Beta Flash New England IPA
· Tahitian Swell Line Fruited Gose
· Southern Terminus Mexican Lager
· Terra Noir Baltic Porter
· Grapefruit Walleye
· Berry Shandy
· Koosh
· GOT MILKshake
· Pokey
· No Wrong Way
Outerbelt Brewing
· Gravel Donuts New England IPA
· Olaf Double New England IPA
· My Milkshake Brings the Boyz to the Bar - Pineapple Milkshake IPA
· Sweet Dreams - Sweet Stout
· Snaggletooth - Hoppy Farmhouse Ale
· Grapefruit Wheat
· Mulberry Saison
· Big Spring Saison
· Barrel Aged Black Aggie Russian Imperial Stout
· Century Brut IPA Batch 007
· Jane Doe Raspberry Wheat Ale
· Rooftop Lager
· Worry No More Small Batch IPA
· Under the Sun White Tea IPA
· Mi Mosa Orange Spritzer Apple Ale
· Seltzer Project Tropical Punch
· Strange Clothes Lemon Meringue Pie Berliner
· Points and Boundaries IPA
· Portsmouth Pilsner
· Bedizened Guava Vanilla Lactose Sour
· Truculent Blonde Sour w/Cucumber & Lime
· Hazy Crazy NEIPA
· BOB Blood Orange Blonde
· Misconstrued Sarcasm IPA
· Unforeseen Consequences Golden Sour
· Anxious Glances Red Sour
· Little Bubs - Session Rosé Ale
· Hazy Hut NEIPA
· Hoptopod IPA
· Backyard Crusher
· Dare IPA
· Hödfellow Pilsner
· Barrel Aged Vlad
· Lovibond White Stout
· Six One Pour – Columbus Craft Beer Week collaboration beer
· Humulus Nimbus
· Assistant Manager
· Scientist
· Proliferous
· Becca Blueberry Kolsch
· Glitter Freeze - Dragonfruit/Passionfruit Berliner Weisse
· #blessed - New England IPA
· Return of the Mac - Coffee Blonde
· Gavel Banger IPA
· Nellie’s Key Lime Caribbean Ale
· Scarlet Red Ale
· Forked Run Hoppy Brown Ale
· Trotwood Lager
· Gamma Bomb IPA
· Magic Melon Watermelon Gose
· Ermal's Cream Ale Variant TBD
· Black Cherry Bourbon
· Peach
· Pack IPA
· Leisurely Raspberry Saison
· Terre du Sauvage Green
· Straight Shot Blood Orange Saison
· Dire Wolf Canis Mexicanus
· Aggregate Swarm Barrel Aged Brett Honey Saison
· Bourbon Barrel Salted Chocolate Dire Wolf
· The Shape of Things to Come Barrel Aged Blackberry and Cherry Sour
· Helles
· Schwarzbier
· Dry-hopped Pils
· Maibock
· Prowler - Oatmeal Stout
· Raise the Sails – Lager
· Captain Stardust - Saison
· Cashmere Indulgence Strawberry Milkshake IPA
· Blonde Ale

About the Ohio Craft Brewers Association
Founded in 2007, the Ohio Craft Brewers Association is a nonprofit guild that exists to promote, preserve and unify Ohio’s craft brewing industry. We aspire to be recognized as the industry leader at both state and national levels for preserving the art of making high-quality, unique craft beer; to serve as the unified voice for craft brewers across the state; to advocate on behalf of the Ohio craft beer industry; to contribute to systemic, local community development by driving economic and job growth, while creating experiences that bring people together; and to serve as a beacon for local production and manufacturing through craft beer, resulting in diverse choices for consumers.

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