Monday, December 30, 2019

Fifty West Brewing Co to Launch Electrolyte Beer at Kroger in Conjunction with 2020 Training Groups

Fifty West Brewing Co to Launch Electrolyte Beer at Kroger in Conjunction 
with 2020 Training Groups

(Cincinnati, OH) After a successful inaugural season of Fifty West Training Groups in 2019, the brewery plans to continue its marathon training program in the new year, complete with a beer designed for active people. Fifty West Training Groups will, again, partner with JackRabbit to power its 17-week running program that provides group coaching for those looking to run the Flying Pig half or full marathon in 2020. 

“Every running group in Greater Cincinnati starts and ends at a shoe store. We saw an opportunity to shift this paradigm with Fifty West. What better place to finish a run than their active lifestyle-focused campus? This simple change brings more social value to the group and creates a big, dynamic support system. Our partnership with Fifty West has the added benefit of offering quite a few more perks than your average running group,” said Matt Frondorf, GM of JackRabbit O'Bryonville.

“Running transformed my life. Training got me into shape, instilled discipline, and helped create a wonderful sense of accomplishment and community. Through this platform I’ve witnessed the same personal journey and evolution among the people that train with us,” said Fifty West Founder and President, Bobby Slattery. “We are proud to bring Fifty West Training Groups back in 2020. I can’t wait to meet the next group of people looking to make a positive change in their lives while having fun and making new friends.” 

With its differentiating aim to be a more social marathon training program, the brewery accepts runners of all skill levels and is quick to provide beers after a run. Coinciding with the first week of training, Fifty West will introduce a new beer crafted specifically for people pursuing a balanced and active lifestyle. Quencher, a 100 calorie, gluten-reduced beer featuring low alcohol, no added sugars, and the addition of electrolytes, will be available at Greater Cincinnati Kroger locations, beginning the second week of January. 

“The trend of “healthier-for-you” beer is on the horizon with a slew of new products coming to market. I believe we are uniquely positioned to do well in the segment. Our established Cincinnati campus featuring volleyball leagues, canoe and kayak rentals, a cycling shop, and access to the Little Miami Scenic Trail allows us to activate and provide real experiences around Quencher,” said Max Fram Fifty West’s Vice President of Strategy and Operations.

A preview night and free group fun run for anyone interested in Fifty West Training Groups will be held at Jackrabbit O’Bryonville on January 2nd at 6:30pm. The store will additionally be offering 20% off participant’s total bill that evening (some exclusions apply). More information and registration for the group is now open on the brewery’s website.

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