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The brand outperforms competitors as a they grow in distribution across the US

MIAMI, June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Triple, a THC-infused seltzer that hit the market in January 2024, has continued to make waves in the industry receiving multiple top medal awards alongside its substantial sales growth throughout the country.

The popular brand recently received accolades from both the Denver International Spirits Awards and the Seltzer Nation Awards, two highly sought-after competitions in the beverage space. Both competitions showcase the best of best within the industry, utilizing expert panels to choose the medal winners.

The Denver International Spirits Awards select a prestigious panel of spirits experts who blind rank a wide variety of drinks, leading to unbiased winners chosen for the world-famous beverage competition. Seltzer Nation is the leading authority on seltzers, providing news, insight, and reviews to consumers for the finest seltzer options. In Denver, Triple earned gold medals for all three flavors offered by the brand – grapefruit, cherry lemon and lime. Even more impressive, Triple received the title of "Best THC Beverage Overall," as well as a double gold score, for all three flavors in the Seltzer Nation Awards.

The multiple titles showcase Triple's superior taste when compared to other brands in the market and highlight the brand's dedication to offering an exceptional user experience. Triple's proprietary THC is formulated to mimic the strength of a standard beer or seltzer, creating a delicious sessionable and social drink that allows consumers to control and build their buzz.

As Triple continues to collect recognition for their high-quality flavor profiles and commitment to health-conscious offerings, they've also grown substantially as a newcomer among THC beverage brands. Originally created in St. Louis, Missouri, the brand is not only available nationwide on their website, but also sold in bars, restaurants, liquor stores, and convenience stores through Missouri, Kansas, and Florida. In the coming weeks, Triple will continue to expand through additional states including Iowa, Kentucky, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana and Wisconsin. With a focus in popular cities and college towns, Triple has seen massive growth in distribution across the country in the short period since launch. The rapid growth is a testament to the demand among distributors and consumers alike, attributed to the superior taste as evidenced by recent awards and the overall lifestyle promoted by the brand. Led by younger generations, as alcohol consumption continues to lessen amongst the public, Triple offers a new social experience with their bubbly and refreshing seltzers.

"As we expand our offerings to consumers, it's exciting to see our hard work pay off with respected award recognition," said Will Spartin, Founder & COO. "We're just getting started, and we're eager to bring Triple to every state," said Lambo Perkins, Founder & CMO.

The brand previously was announced as a three-time winner in the esteemed L.A. High Spirits Awards, a competition that exclusively highlights the best brands in the THC-infused beverage industry. Triple took home a gold medal and two silvers.

About Triple

Triple is a bubbly, refreshing THC-infused seltzer that's as delicious as your favorite cocktail, but without the calories or the hangover. Triple gives you the buzz you're looking for in a social beverage, without the commonly associated side effects of traditional cannabis. With the perfect amount of THC, Triple is a drink you can consume all day or night to party with friends or unwind at home. For more information, go to

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