Sunday, July 30, 2017

Beer Review: Bloomington Rooftop IPA

A beer run to Indiana had provided me with the opportunity to look and try to locate some other beers that I may not have tried in the past and this time, one that I found was The Rooftop IPA from the Bloomington Brewing Company which is the focus here of my latest review. This American India Pale Ale comes in with an ABV of 7.4% and 80 IBU.


I really thought the appearance of this one came through well with its deeper orange-yellow sunset like color which was capped nicely by its foamy bone-white head. There was some haziness which of course can be expected, but there was still enough clarity to see some of the lively carbonation that was taking place.


The tropical tones from the hops easily climbed out of the glass and were easy to pick up from those that were used including: Nugget, Cascade and Mt. Hood. Notes of pineapple and mango seemed to come through the most as I inhaled the goodness from this ale.

Flavor / Palate:

The citrus notes taken in on the aroma were right there in the taste as well, with a nice flavor pop really coming on the initial taste along with a malt smoothness that balanced them out and making it feel like nothing near an 80 IBU level. The finish had a nice crisp dry break with very little if any throat scraping on the swallow. The texture did have a little bit of syrupiness to it, but it worked much like some of the others that we often see like Great Lakes Chillwave for example. The mouthcoating and mouthfeel both stood out nicely on this IPA and just provided some of the mouth tingling that I like to find in beers. Read some of my notes here or check out my YouTube video posted below to watch the review.

Overall Summary:

This beer proved to be a decent one indeed and proved to be a great choice from the beer run that was made. I will say though that while I was okay with it on a 22 ounce bottle, it may be a little much for some so a friend may be needed. But if you like IPAs then I don’t think that you will be disappointed. For me on my personal Untappd score it proved to be a solid 4 out 5, and I proved well worth it to go to the Rooftop.

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