Tuesday, February 21, 2023

True Anomaly Brewing Named 2023 Brewery of the Year at Texas Craft Brewer's Cup

Houston-based brewery founded by former NASA employees takes home top brewery award in Texas.

HOUSTON, Feb. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- True Anomaly Brewing (True Anomaly), a Houston brewery founded by former NASA employees, is pleased to announce that it has been named 2023 Brewery of the Year at the Texas Craft Brewer's Cup, a prestigious national beer award competition by the Texas Craft Brewers Guild. True Anomaly also brought home three gold medals for their Small Giant, Aurora 7, and Sea of Waves brews; and two silver medals for their Sixteen Suns and Moonbow. The brewery, known for specializing in experimental, wild, sour, and funky beers, also received recognition for its sour and farmhouse ales.

Michael Duckworth, CEO and co-founder of True Anomaly Brewing, said, "We started as a small business in 2019 with the hopes of creating unique and delicious beers that were inspired by our love of exploration. After five years and a lot of hard work, we are thrilled to be recognized as Brewery of the Year, especially within such a competitive industry, and see this as a testament to the quality and creativity of Houston beers."

The Texas Craft Brewer's Cup is an annual statewide professional beer competition that showcases the outstanding quality and variety of Texas craft beer. The 2023 competition received over 852 entries from more than 147 Texas breweries, which makes the six awards True Anomaly received at this year's ceremony especially noteworthy.

"Our unique backgrounds and passion for great beer have quickly made us a fan favorite among beer enthusiasts and space fans alike," said Duckworth. "We are extremely proud to bring this award home to Houston and take the craft beer scene to new heights."

True Anomaly's beers are named after the founders' involvement in the space industry, showcasing their passion for both beer and space exploration. With these unique concepts and high-quality beer, the brewery has set itself apart as a leader in the craft beer industry.

In addition to its success at the Texas Craft Brewer's Cup, True Anomaly is expanding its operations with the opening of a second Houston location in late 2023 at 4001 Navigation Blvd., which will serve as the brewery's production headquarters and feature a new taproom with a kitchen, coffee bar, and event space.

About True Anomaly Brewing

Founded in 2019 by former NASA employees, True Anomaly Brewing is a Houston-based brewery that specializes in developing craft beer inspired by their love of space exploration. For more information on True Anomaly Brewing and its award-winning beers, visit their website at www.trueanomalybrewing.com.

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