Sunday, January 1, 2023

Labatt Adds Fruity Twist to Non-Alcoholic Beer Segment

Labatt Blue Light Introduces Non-Alcoholic Strawberry Acai Beer That Capitalizes on Fruit Trend in Beer

BUFFALO, N.Y., Dec. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- No time for a hangover? No problem! Labatt Blue Light recently introduced its refreshingly fruity take on non-alcoholic beer, Labatt Blue Light Non-Alc Strawberry Acai. With 75 calories, this year-round non-alcoholic* beer stands out with bright notes of strawberry and popular acai, a tasty mix for the holiday season and beyond. As the selection of non-alcoholic products expands, Labatt brings one of the first fruit-forward non-alcoholic beers to the segment.

"The new Labatt Blue Light Non-Alc Strawberry Acai offers a unique opportunity to shake up the non-alcoholic beer segment," said Inga Grote-Ebbs, Labatt USA brand director. "Beer fans can enjoy a light and refreshing fruity non-alcoholic beer, the perfect alternative for holiday parties and entertaining."

According to an online survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of the Beer Institute, over 50% of drinkers ages 21-34 took breaks from drinking any alcohol versus 35% of all alcohol drinkers.1

"Millennials and 21+ Gen Z consumers are driving mainstream acceptance of non-alcoholic beer, as well as trends like Dry January," said Grote-Ebbs. "As conscious consumption continues, some people choose to abstain from alcohol all together while others swap out drinks over the course of a night. Whatever the reason, making refreshing, great tasting non-alcoholic beer keeps Labatt in the game."

About Labatt Blue Light Non-Alc Strawberry Acai

New Labatt Blue Light Non-Alc Strawberry Acai is a unique, refreshing, and flavorful alternative for those who want a flavored non-alcoholic beer! Labatt Blue Light Non-Alc Strawberry Acai is available all year in 6-packs of 12-ounce sleek cans. The product is currently available in NY and MI with a rollout to PA, OH and VT expected in 2023.

*Contains less than 0.5% ABV

1 Online survey conducted within the US by The Harris Poll on behalf of Beer Institute from November 11-15, 2021 among 1,923 US adults aged 21 and older

About Labatt USA

Proudly headquartered in Buffalo, New York, Labatt USA has imported Labatt Blue and Labatt Blue Light from Canada since 1951. Today, Labatt Blue and Labatt Blue Light are America's top-selling Canadian beers. With a clean, refreshing taste, light color, slight hop aroma, good balance, fruity character and a slightly sweet taste, Labatt Blue has become the premier Canadian pilsener in the Great Lakes region.

First brewed in Canada in 1847, Labatt continues to carry on the tradition and heritage of the great outdoors.

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Always enjoy responsibly.

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