Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Guest Post: Gift Ideas From Jet Gift Baskets

A Booze Gift Guide for 5 Kinds of Beer Lovers

We do believe that a good chug is absolutely an ideal present for any occasion, but we want to make sure that you get exactly what matches the recipient's taste. Do they love watching and playing ball or any other sport? Are they suckers for cozying up on weekends? Is work basically all they want to do?

Whatever they are into, no matter what the celebration, we've prepared a quick guide you can visit for when a brew buddy deserves a generous pack or two from you!

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For the ones who love having people around

Is the "life of the party" celebrating something special? Don't forget to surprise him with a beer bouquet that's just as grand as the next big gathering! This could be the next favorite thing of the people in your gifting list who are fond of hosting get-togethers, spontaneous night-outs, and other fun events. A signature beer choice just like this paired with gourmet snacks make for an interesting celebration:

Bud Light Deluxe Bouquet

Celebrating life’s wins has never been this cool! A great way to cheer your friends on, this impressive 24”-tall beer bouquet is packed with six Bud Lights – comes with free bottle opener! Pair it up with snacks like gourmet chips, beef sausages, toffee butter roasted cashews, pretzels, and cheddar cheese.


Looking for something other than Bud Light? You can also check out beer bouquets from Ninkasi, Deschutes, Rogue, Sierra Nevada, Shock Top, and Hop Valley.

For the frequent travelers and beach bums

Sunset on the beach, sunrise at the mountaintop, an unplanned trip - these guys simply can't stay at home! So send them one for the road, wherever they may be headed to next, to wish them a good time on their upcoming adventures! This kind of beer gift basket is an awesome pick for birthday sessions, chill hangouts while backpacking, and other milestones worth a cold drink with good friends:

Corona Beach Beer Gift Basket

Take the party down by the shores in summertime with this naughty-cal pack of signature beer products. Turn up those hot tunes and move your bodies over two bottles of Coronita. Also comes with a branded Corona glass to pass the good stuff along during slow hours on the beach.


Widen your choices! Surfs up and enjoy other beer crates from Longboard, Lagunitas, Shock Top, and Bud Light. The great outdoors is more fun to explore with these around!

For weekend couch potatoes

Some of your people are probably comfort creatures who spends their day-offs holed up at home even when the weather's inviting. No worries - this Sunday package is all they need for a relaxing movie marathon, board game night with family and friends, or catching up on missed game highlights. It's a fun addition to a weekend grill session, too:

Sunday Fun Day

Make family time during weekends a special event with this gourmet gift basket of Sunday essentials! Perfect for outdoor barbecues or simple dinners while watching whatever game is on, enjoy bottles of beer and artisan snacks with your people.


We also swear by these beer-and-snack combos that can indulge those weekenders - beer gift baskets of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Lagunitas IPA!

For the workaholics

We all have someone in the family or in our groups of friends who just If you can't get them out of their workstations, bring the good time to them and their colleagues instead! Power them up for long nights and boost their creative processes with this:

The Office Break

Take the time to appreciate the people who make your success possible with this office gift basket. Filled with motivating gourmet treats and goodies plus beer from Bundaberg, colleagues, clients, and business partners can enjoy these contents for their birthdays, holiday celebrations, and other significant milestones.


Want to give a gift that makes one chill like a boss? How about this refreshing Longboard beer gift basket and Jack Daniel's CEO gift pack?

For dads. Period.

Let's be honest here - dads are really one category of beer lovers, and this last entry is especially theirs. For the many reasons they ask us to fetch them a cold one, any day or hour sounds about right for this beer gift basket:

Nuts For Dad

Show Dad how much you’re nuts for him with this wooden crate thoughtfully filled with his favorite drink and treats! More than just a Father’s Day gift, this wooden box is ideal for birthdays and even simple tokens of appreciation for their love and hard work.


Treat him like the king he is with these Guinness and Blue Moon beer gift basket selections for his birthday, Father's Day, or any occasion that calls for a bottle.

Still on the hunt for the beer gift basket that suits the recipient’s personality and preferences? Feel free to browse our professionally-curated collection here. Check out more unique gift ideas for any occasion on Jet Gift Baskets. Cheers!

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