Sunday, October 28, 2018

Tasting Beer - Yellow Springs Captain Stardust Review

Captain Stardust from Yellow Springs Brewery located in Yellow Springs, Ohio is a Saison Farmhouse Ale that comes in at 6.5% and this is my look at the reviewing and tasting of it. Nice in color the carbonation of the beer was noticeable on the appearance although later it was subtle in the taste. I found it to have an almost Belgian like sweetness to it from the spicy character of the yeast that was used. There was also some dryness for me but the beer also had a decent light overall body to it making it an easy one to put down. I definitely recommend for any Saison fan, and if you have had it then let me know what you thought by placing a comment below. Check out the video to see and hear more or my thoughts on this tasty and zesty ale.

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