Monday, October 1, 2018

Golden Road Berry Guava Wheat Beer Review

The Berry Guava Wheat from Golden Road Brewing and now part of the AB InBev family is a Wheat Ale that carries a 5% ABV and is infused with guava and strawberries. Now if you watch the video then you will see that I do question the appearance as they usually do all fermentation before the beer hits the can, but it came out as if either there may have been a secondary or it could have been old. I did speak with them and sent them a pic of the beer, and they said that it was still good and the flaking in the can was possible with this one. Check out the video and let me know what you think.

But away from this, the beer did present itself well as it carried a good aroma of the fruits and these notes came through well in the taste. The drinking of it though if this is the case, made it almost feel like drinking pulp infused juice with some of the flakes inside, and will be a turnoff for many. If you have had this beer before then let me know, as I would be interested if you have come across this as well.

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