Saturday, September 22, 2018

Don't Need Winter To Enjoy This Boulevard Beer

Snow and Tell from Boulevard Brewing Company is an Oak Aged Scotch Ale that is a seasonal release and a beer I picked up and reviewed a while back. The beer carries an ABV if 6.3% and an IBU level of 25, making it attractive to those that may not like bittering. I did find this beer to be pretty smooth and one that did go down easy, characteristics for me of the brew included a nice caramel and toffee type feel, a nice sweetness from the malts, and an overall nice smoothness. There was some of the oak that came through in the taste, although the overall aromatics of the beer were somewhat low. Nonetheless, the beer proved to be decent enough and worth the try. Check out the video to see and hear more of my thoughts on this one, and if you have had it before then leave a comment letting me know what you thought of it.

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