Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Getting My Beer On With Julius From Tree House Brewing

There is always some hype in the craft beer world around certain beers, and one of them held of such high regard in this area has been Julius from the Tree House Brewing Company located in Charlton, Massachusetts. This one has been on my hunt list for a while so thanks to a good friend, I was finally able to check out this beer to see how it lived up to the hype and to see how tasty this American IPA truly is.

The numbers on this brew are 6.8% ABV and 72 IBU, and the appearance of this ale is as orange as you would expect for its namesake. I found it to be oh so citrusy and smooth in the taste, and full of flavor that had a pleasant accompanying resinous aroma. Juicy for sure and in the initial with some dryness on the back, this one entices you to drink more. It does hit with some sweetness though, and not sure how many of these I would want in a sitting but it is a great one for putting in the mix. It is definitely well worth the pick-up if you are an IPA fan and especially if you enjoy the juicy ones and thanks again to my friend Joe for hooking this up for me. Check out the video to see and hear more of my thoughts on it, and if you have had it then let me know your thoughts by dropping a comment.

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