Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Getting My Beer On With Guinness Extra Stout

For whatever reason, I never did a review on the Guinness Extra Stout from the classic brewery and that has just changed. Here is my look at this beer that is according to Guinness’ history is based on a recipe that goes back to 1821 and said to be modeled after Arthur Guinness the second’s Superior Porter. Up front, I was hit by the chocolate and coffee notes, along with the sweetness of the malts. Taste-wise, there was the detecting of a sweet caramel feel in the flavor, although texture wise it was thin which I thought may also be the case with the ABV at 5.6%. Often with stouts and porters at this level, for me thinness I tend to find common. However, the body was not heavy and allowed the beer to be a light one to enjoy. Overall, I found the beer to be decent enough, although it is hard for me to like any of their offerings as much as the Foreign Extra Stout, which for me is their crown jewel and one I definitely recommend. Nevertheless, this one can do okay in relief as well. Check out the video to see and hear more, and if you have had it then drop a comment in the comments area to let me know what you thought as well of it.

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