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Monday, August 13, 2018

Getting My Beer On With America Solera The Ground Is Shaking

The Ground Is Shaking from American Solera located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a Rare Beer Exclusive that is a Flemish-Inspired Sour Brown Ale that is aged in Vin Santo Wine Casks. This 6% ABV ale is said to be best served from 50 to 57 degrees in a recommended Tulip, Goblet or Pinot glass according to the brewer. I went with a Tulip and found this one to be a very nice smooth ale that did a good job of bringing in the wine qualities from the aging in the casks, and provide a nice sour feel overall. There was the tart presence with a nice cherry feel, along with a little acidity. What I really liked about the tart was that you got it without it being overpowering as it struck a nice balance with everything else on the beer. A fine beer and treat indeed, and definitely recommend for anyone that digs a sour style and enjoys wine once and then. Check out my video to see and hear more on this one, and if you have had it then drop a comment about what you thought.

Thanks to my partners and friends, Brant and Emily for also making it possible for me to enjoy this beer.

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