Friday, August 3, 2018

Getting My Beer On Avery Liliko'i Kepolo Beer Review

Liliko’i Kepolo from Avery Brewing, a 5.4% ABV Witbier that brings together some of the expected spicy notes of this style and places on it a nice fruity twist highlighted in the aroma and the taste. For me, I have enjoyed this previously on draft and decided to check it out in the can, which still provided a nice delight of this beer. There are qualities of tart, fruitiness, tropical, sweet, sour and even astringency and some acidity involved with this one. I guess I can say there are many things happening with this one, but all good from my opinion. Now an all year offering, this beer is a nice one to try for sure if the aforementioned qualities appeal to you, and you like a nice fruity and somewhat spice note beer. Check out the video to see and hear more of my thoughts on this one.

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