Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Rhinegeist Stryker Beer Review - A Limited Release

Stryker from Rhinegeist here in Cincinnati is not only one of my favorite beers from them but one of my favorites from the area in general as a nice DIPA. This beer for me has a good amount of things going on with it and maybe it is because it is a limited release that I like it as much since it is not always available. Made as a tribute to one of the brewers, this Double India Pale Ale brings a lot to the table that I enjoy which also at 9.3% ABV makes it a little dangerous because I feel as if you really do not pick up the booziness of it.

Currently available at the time of this post, which is July, I believe the beer may become available in May and once it is gone then that is it until the following year. Sitting at 100 IBU, there will be some bitterness of course, but the malts provide a nice backside balance to the hops. There is a good sweetness with the brew, and I was able to pick up notes reminiscent somewhat of passion fruit, along with your typical notes of grapefruit, orange, and even a slight piney tone. The mouthfeel delivers nicely and there is a good mouthcoating left from the beer leaving behind much of the same on the palate from what you get on the nose. There is a nice sweetness from the malt backbone and you will pick up its dankness and resinous qualities. Dry on the texture, this one just encourages you to drink more. It is a fine beer from them in my opinion and worth checking out for any IPA or DIPA fan. Check out my video to hear and see more on this one.

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