Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Nowhere In Particular Batch 19 Beer Review - A One And Done

I decided to grab a Batch 019: Doctor IPA from Nowhere In Particular Promiscuous Ale Project located in Dayton, Ohio for this next review. This one here is a Double Rice IPA, yes, I said rice, but this is not Budweiser or another macro. At 8.2% ABV and 41 IBU, this brew decided to add this grain and come up with what they call a nice juicy IPA. Highlighted by Citra, Columbus and Mosaic hops, the tones of an IPA did come through nicely. Carbonation was a little turned up I thought, but it did smooth out nicely and provide a good mouthfeel. The body was not heavy and carried a nice crisp feel to it, and there was a decent earthy, piney feel along with the citrusy hops. In the end, I was left with a nice crisp finish making the beer somewhat enjoyable and for me well worth me trying.

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