Sunday, July 29, 2018

Getting My Beer On Music City Light Beer Review

Music City Light is from the Music City Beer Company, which is located in Nashville, Tennessee. Makenzie Clayburg, who works with them through one of the publicity agencies, recently brought the brewery to my attention. She reached out to see if I would like to check out their beer after providing me with their backstory of how local musicians and venue owners started it as a local brew and what they call the “Backstage Pass To Nashville.” This said, after a couple of more emails here is the beer.

Now, I do not usually drink many light beers but have from time to time. In addition, all have been from the macro breweries, so I did have some reservations going in. However, one of the things noted when I received the initial email was how they were looking to bridge the gap between craft beers and the mass-produced domestics, so that I did find appealing. But it is a light beer, right? How much more could it offer?

Well, the beer itself is an American Light Lager with an ABV of 4.2% and no listing was there for IBU, but it is definitely a low number on that side. Going in I expected some thinness and surprisingly the beer did well providing a nice light body experience and not really much thinness at all. It went down very easy with a nice refreshing quality and did well with the amount of flavor duration received. There was the sweetness that as to be expected for this style as well as the yeastiness in the aroma and taste. But that is just part of the style, but I did like on the back end that there was a slight tasting of the hops as well. It proved to be a decent clean beer with some crushable quality to it, and as far as being a decent lager, it was that for sure. Overall, I found this one to be a decent beer for what it is and for what they were going for. If you are in the Nashville area and you are a lager fan, then I would say to try it. Check out the video to see and hear more on this one, and if you have had it then let me know what you thought of this beer as well.

Thank you again, Makenzie, for reaching out, and check out Music City Beer Company at the following link:

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