Sunday, July 22, 2018

Getting My Beer On 450 North OJ Nuggets Beer Review

Another brew from 450 North Brewing and this time it was the OJ Nuggets and thanks again to my friend Todd for hooking me up with this one as well. So funny drinking these and saying that it is beer but I do enjoy the style, and this one came in nicely as a smooth and flavorful version. Obviously, being OJ citrus is expected and it did not disappoint as the citrus notes came through nicely in both the aroma and flavor. There were a solid juiciness and hoppiness to the brew, along with a nice resinous quality on the back end. A little bit of astringency and dryness in the finish, this again could be expected. However, in the end, a solid tasting brew left a great mouthfeel that just encouraged the drinking of more. This could easily be a nice beer for chugging, although I would rather just take my time an enjoy it. This is a good beer indeed worth trying for any fan of this style. Check out the video to see and hear more of my thoughts on it.

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