Monday, July 23, 2018

Getting My Beer On 450 North Flapjack Nuggets Beer Review

Here is the look at my last one in the Nuggets series from the 450 North Brewing Company, and it was the Flapjack Nuggets. This Sweet Stout noted as a Pastry Stout on the can comes in with an ABV of 9%, which I found to be a smooth 9%. If they could put pancakes and syrup in a beer then this would surely be a strong possibility of the result. There was a nice feel of the maple and lactose that came through and the notes of chocolate were still picked up as well as a tinge of coffee, which was also present. The mouthfeel was very nice pulling it all together, and then there was mouthcoating of the flavor left after the swallowing of the beer. Dark, sweet, syrupy in the taste and texture, this beer really did come as described. My only thing would be that a summer cool night, in my opinion, might play better than a summer day, and a release in the fall may increase the enjoyment. Nonetheless, it is damn good and well worth trying especially for any Sweet Stout fan. Check out the video to see and hear more on this beer that will have you thinking it just may be breakfast in a glass.

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