Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Beer Review: Uinta Brett Croggy Saison

From Uinta Brewing Company comes the Croggy Brett Saison, a farmhouse ale brewed with a dose of Mosaic hops, rolled oats and Brettanomyces among other things and it was the subject of my latest review. I hadn’t thought really of a tart Saison before seeing this, but figured why not pick it up and give it a go.

Once the cork was popped, smoke started climbing out of the bottle nicely and was followed by the tart fruity aroma of the hops which was balanced nicely against the malt background of the beer along with the funkiness of the Brett. The beer itself only has an IBU of 24 so there was no overly bitter feel to it, and at 6.8% ABV the alcohol remained hidden within it nicely. It really did provide that interesting combination in the mouth though: fruity, tart, sour, and dry all coming together along with the undertones of the un-malted wheat base. It really was something different and an effort I appreciated as I scored this one an 82 with really the aroma almost being the star of the beer, which did last for a nice amount of time.

Part of the fun of drinking craft beers is finding the concoctions that are created and sitting back and just enjoying them, this one was a solid enough experience for sure. Check out my video to see more of my thoughts on this ale and always remember, there’s always time. Get Your Beer On…

Appearance: 12
Aroma: 13
Flavor: 11
Palate: 12
Overall: 34

Total Score: 82

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