Friday, February 16, 2018

Beer Review: Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet

Hop Bullet Double IPA from Sierra Nevada Brewing is the latest seasonal beer added to their lineup and the subject of my latest review. I happened to grab this one shortly after it was launched, which was a bit of time before I actually uploaded the review here. Sierra Nevada has always been pretty solid so I usually enjoy checking out their offerings, although I have been not as overwhelmed by them with some of their recent ones. But I do like IPAs especially bigger ones, so I figured why not give it a shot.

Starting with the appearance I found it very nice in its look and display, good color and a nice head made you really want to enjoy this beer. Aroma was very nice coming out of the glass; there was easily some nice dankness from the hops followed by notes of floral and hoppy characteristics for me. There was also a balance where malt could also be detected, which is actually not uncommon for some of the beers of the double IPA style. Despite being 60 IBU, depending on when and how the malts are used can determine how the bitterness truly plays out.

But for me, the flavor played out in the best way of the beer. There was a smoothness that came though and set against that balance of the hops and malts as well as the duration of the flavor, it just provided a great presence of the five hops and five malts used. There was also a sturdy texture to the beer that held up well with its body, and it being carbonated nicely made the finish that much smoother. All in all, I was pretty pleased with this one as I scored it an 88. I found very little to be disappointed about with this one.

Check out my video to see more on this one as well as other particulars, and remember. There’s always time, Get Your Beer On! Cheers!

Appearance: 13
Aroma: 12
Flavor: 14
Palate: 13
Overall: 36

Total: 88

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