Saturday, February 10, 2018

Beer Review: Samuel Smith Organic Pale Ale

The Organic Pale Ale from Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery is the subject here of my latest beer review. This beer is almost like a walk into the past for me as it really does incorporate its history into its taste. Coming in with an alcohol content of 5% ABV, this falls right into my session wheelhouse. Brewed with water, organic malted barley, organic hops and yeast, this beer shows that sometimes the basics are all that you need.

In breaking down the beer, I found it still have a solid presence even though time has caught up with it some. It was smooth and went down easy for the most part, and after a long day’s work it did well hitting the spot. The flavor with its balance of the hops and malts stood out more to me and made it very palatable, although the appearance was also eye pleasing. I would have preferred more with the aroma, but overall it was decent enough and I ended up scoring it an 80 as a solid beer.

See more of my thoughts and impressions of this beer by checking out my video review here on YouTube. And if you have had this one then please, leave a comment or a thought about your experience with it. As always thanks for checking out the review and remember there’s always time, so go Get Your Beer On!

Appearance: 11
Aroma: 10
Flavor: 12
Palate: 12
Overall: 35

Total Score: 80

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