Friday, February 9, 2018

Beer Review: Rogue Ales & Spirits Sriracha Stout

A past beer run brought me across this red devil of a brew. I usually like Sriracha on things, but in beer? Now in all fairness, I have seen this beer numerous times and just left it alone. However this time and the fact that it was a pretty good deal, I decided let’s do this and into the basket it went.

The Sriracha Stout from Rogue Ales & Spirits is a stout, yes, fermented with the hot chili sauce that many of us have come to know. The beer carries an alcohol content of 5.7% ABV and an IBU level of 55. So one could expect some bitterness in the taste, which isn’t uncommon for a stout. For me, I did find it to have some spicy notes for sure but it wasn’t overly spicy. However, it is different and for some I can see it being a possible struggle with this one so with it being in a 22 ounce bottle, one may want to being a friend for sharing. But all in all, I was able to found some satisfaction with the beer in the appearance and aroma, and this led me to an overall rating of an 80 for this one.

Check out my video though to see and hear more of my views on this ale and remember there’s always time, so Get Your Beer On! Cheers!

Appearance - 13

Aroma - 12

Flavor - 10

Palate - 11

Overall - 34

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