Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Beer Review: Rhinegeist Cougar Blonde Ale

The Cougar from Rhinegeist is a 4.8% ABV Blonde ale that brings some sweetness and a somewhat refreshing quality from the malts making it nice beer for after work, chores or where you want to take a break and throw down a sessionable beer. At 20 IBU, hoppiness is not a concern although there are some notes that you will pick up from the Bravo and Crystal hops used. This one for me was more on the tame side and one that I scored a 75, still making it to my solid enough area. And for one looking to make a jump into craft beers from the more popular mass made adjunct lagers, it can fit well as a crossover beer to try.

Check out my video to hear and see more of my thoughts on this one, and if you have had it as well then let me know what you thought of it by leaving a comment. Cheers and remember…there’s always time, so Get Your Beer On!

Appearance: 11
Aroma: 11
Flavor: 10
Palate: 10
Overall: 33

Total Score: 75

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