Sunday, February 18, 2018

Beer Review: Four String Brass Knuckle

Brass Knuckle from Four String Brewing Company is an American Pale Ale that I happened to stumble across during a Trader Joe’s visit, and the can caught my eye enough that I decided to pick it up and give it a shot and also do a review. ABV on this brew comes in at 5.75% ABV and 36 IBU, not what I think of for a beer calling it itself a hard hitting pale ale but it was worth a go.

I found the beer itself to present a nice appearance and have enough palatable qualities to make it a decent enough pale ale. The flavor was okay to me, okay but not great. The aroma had the bases covered of what to be expected, but for me it didn’t come off as strong as advertised although it was still solid enough to be a refreshing beer leading me to score it a 75. In the end though, bitter and fruity with a dry texture do come together on this one like one would seek for a pale ale.

Check out my video to see more about this one. Cheers, and remember there’s always time…Get Your Beer On!

Appearance: 11
Aroma: 10
Flavor: 9
Palate: 11
Overall: 34

Total Score: 75

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