Saturday, January 27, 2018

Beer Review: Revolution Brewing Amarillo-Hero

Recently, I took a look at Anti-Hero from Revolution Brewing and now it’s time to take a look at Amarillo-Hero. This 7.3% ABV IPA is a seasonal release available only from January and February, and is noted to have intense citrus and floral notes as Cascade and Citra hops are layered to increase its amplification. Funny though that there is not much mention of the Amarillo, but its IBU level of 70 lets you know that you will feel some bitterness.

For me, I found this one to be a nicely balanced beer between the hops and the malts. Its appearance is decent enough as well as aroma and flavor. The beer sat well on my palate and did provide a nice crisp feel and overall it delivered enough that I scored it an 82. See more on how I reached this score by watching the video here, but well worth a try for any IPA fan.

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