Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Cider Review: Blake's Hard Cider Co. Flannel Mouth

Mixing things up again as I decided to check out a cider here, and this time it is Flannel Mouth from Blake’s Hard Cider Company. Now, usually ciders aren’t something that I get often look to get, but it was such a good deal that it was like the saying in the movie, “it was an offer that I couldn’t refuse.” Check out the video to see and hear my thoughts, but if you want to quickly see how I rated it then see those numbers below the video.

Appearnce - 12 / 15
Aroma - 13 / 15
Flavor - 13 / 15
Palate - 13 / 15
Overall - 37 / 40

Total Score - 88 / 100

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