Monday, November 27, 2017

Beer Review: Piraat Triple Hop | Belgian Strong Golden Ale

Brouwerij Van Steenberge is a Belgian brewery and even though they are considered a macro brewery, they make one of my favorite beers the Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple which in my opinion is a wonderful; Belgian Quad. In fact it was that beer that really turned me onto many of the other Belgian ales, so seeing another one of their beers during a recent beer run was just about an automatic pickup for me.

Piraat Triple Hop is a Belgian Strong Golden Ale that comes in with alcohol content of 10.5% ABV, and as named features the use of four different hops that are brewed three times in the process. Saaz, tetra and aurora are used twice while the beer is being brewed in the brew house and then cascade is added for dry hopping. The goal is to produce a nice full bodied beer with a nice complex character.

This all being said, I looked forward to fully engaging this beer which did pour a lovely appearance out of the bottle and into the glass. Sadly for me though, that seemed to be the highlight before things took a somewhat expected turn which you can see in my video here.

It wasn’t that the beer was ultimately a bad one, and maybe I came in too high knowing the brewer was the producer of the Gulden Draak 9000. The aroma turned out to be less than expected and the flavor was okay, not bad but not great either. It was just there for me and together with the palate quality; it just stood as a solid beer for me but nothing to write home about in anyway. And because of this, this beer ended up being 73 out of 100 for me on my rating scale which you can see more about this by again, checking out the video where I go into more detail. I was hoping for better but it was what it was, and still a decent enough brew.

That all being said, thanks for checking out my latest post and check out the video for my full breakdown as mentioned. Cheers, and keep drinking…and oh yeah, Go Get Your Beer On!

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