Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Beer Review: MadTree Blood Orange Psychopathy

Hello and thanks for swinging by to check out my looking at another beer. With this review I decided to stay local, and check out the 6.2% ABV Blood Orange Psychopathy from MadTree Brewing. This is a variant of their India Pale Ale as it uses Blood Oranges in the fermentation process. The beer itself does pour a nice pretty golden color, although with my pour the head was a little lacking for what I was expecting. But you definitely get punched with the bitterness and there is the taste of tropical notes as well. The body was a nice medium level and the carbonation was there, but it wasn’t over carbonated by any means. Check out my video though to see more of the intricacies that I discuss about this one and why I rate this 82 out 100 on my scale.

Cheers…and Go Get Your Beer On!

Rod J BeerVentures Swag