Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Beer Review: Great Lakes Rally Drum And YouTube Updates

The Rally Drum Red Ale from Great Lakes Brewing is a May offering that coincides nicely with the baseball season and is one that can be enjoyed in the heat of summer or the game in a way that is as nicely balanced as the hops and malts used. It definitely packs a nice bitter kick but is not overly bitter and it swings away with some great hop and malt flavor.

Stats slide in on this beer at 5.8% ABV with an IBU of 45.  It doesn’t carry any thinness and stands sturdy in the box with its smoothed out texture. Lacing is good as a left behind reminder of what was in the glass, although the duration of the flavor will also serve as a nice reminder as well. Bang the drum for this one as Great Lakes delivers once again with a solid hit of a beer.

Overall Score of this one totals a solid 88 out of 100 for me!

Score Makeup:
  • ·         Appearance – 12 out of 15
  • ·         Aroma – 13 out of 15
  • ·         Flavor - 13 out of 15
  • ·         Palate – 14 out of 15
  • ·         Overall – 36 out of 40

See my video review below to see the actual discussing of the beer in more detail…Cheers!

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