Sunday, November 5, 2017

Beer Review: Dogfish Head Pennsylvania Tuxedo

Who doesn’t look good in a Tuxedo? By that thought process, if Tuxedo is on a beer then wouldn’t that follow the same thinking? I sure hope so as I decided to pick up the Pennsylvania Tuxedo from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery following this idea. I mean it is bold to put a Tuxedo on a beer, all dressed up like that I’m thinking this one may be tasty for sure. Noted as a Pale ale brewed with spruce tips, this fine looking beer comes on with an alcohol content of 8.5% and an IBU level of 50. And without further ado, let’s get this one undressed and see what it has to offer.

Grab a pint; click the video and join me while you “Get Your Beer On!” Cheers!

Rod J BeerVentures Swag