Saturday, November 4, 2017

Beer Review: Ballast Point Nitro Red Velvet

The Red Velvet from the Ballast Point Brewing Company is one beer that I had saw numerous times but consistently just passed over in the past, this last time though I decided to call its number and give it a look. Now I am a fan of velvet cake so I am really interested to see how this beer plays out. Reviews I know have been mixed although I have tried to ignore many so that I am not biased by the opinions of others. The idea of beets being used in beer is not one that is all that appealing to me either, but I am willing to take the challenge so that you and others can know what to expect. The alcohol content for this nitro oatmeal stout is 5.5% ABV and IBU is 35, so let’s see how it does.

Grab a pint; click the video and join me while you “Get Your Beer On!” Cheers!

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