Thursday, October 19, 2017

Unboxing: House Of Webster Craft Beer Jellies

They put craft beer in the jelly and yes, you better believe that I am about to get my jam on. This is my unboxing of craft beer jellies that I received to review from the House of Webster out of Rogers, Arkansas.You can check out what I find by watching the video below!

Thank you to Dax McKaughan for reaching out to me through the blog and I look forward to sharing my thoughts. And also thank you to Roberto Cancel for including your information and the neat little House of Webster Infographic card.

I hope to start trying these jellies shortly so make sure to check back to see what I find. Beer is definitely part of breakfast now. All kinds of ways to Get Your Beer On!

Make sure to check out House of Webster's site as well which is: and they have a ton of things listed which may actually be good for around holiday time in particular. They even have racks of ribs with bbq sauce, what? Now that's just crazy, lol. Burt seriously, check them out as they have a ton of neat things for sure.


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