Saturday, October 14, 2017

Beer Review: Urban Artifact Hippodrome

I have three rules I like to try to follow when selecting beer: 1) go local, 2) go independent and 3) go anything else after 1 and 2 can’t be met. But being that I like to pick up individuals for beer reviews that can sometimes be hard for #1, however not this time as I was able to secure a local one where I can do just that.

Hippodrome is a Wild Double IPA from one our local Cincinnati breweries, Urban Artifact. The brewery itself is also worth a visit if you come to the area as it was constructed in an old church which now seems to be more of a growing trend in parts of the country, and I can give an amen to that. The beer itself comes in with an alcohol content of 9.1% along with an IBU level of 70. And because of the wild yeast used, a sort of funkiness can be expected. I am looking forward to checking it out here, so if you have some time then click my video below to see what I find with this local brew. And if you have a beer as well then pop the top, so you can enjoy it with me and “Get Your Beer On!”

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