Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Beer Review: Samuel Adams Tropic of Yuzu

Check out my video here to see my look at the Samuel Adams Tropic of Yuzu American Pale Wheat Ale. This beer is noted as getting a citrusy punch from yuzu which is a Japanese fruit with the goal of adding its juicy hints to the beer which highlight notes of Mandarin orange and grapefruit. The beer itself carries an alcohol content of 6% ABV and an IBU level of 20. I have started to really enjoy the pale wheat ale style which adds a nice touch of hoppiness. This is a seasonal beer and was highlighted this year as part of their American Summer Variety Pack.

As far as ingredients, the beer uses Grains of Paradise and Yuzu juice concentrate along with Samuel Adams two-row pale malt blend and White Wheat. Hops used are Hallertau and Spalt-Spalter Noble. But enough talk about what makes it, let’s see how it all comes together. Join me and watch my video below as I take a deeper look at this beer.

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