Thursday, October 19, 2017

Beer Review: 10 Barrel Razz Berry IPA

Macro brewing companies buying micro brewing companies often brings with it a double edged sword. One edge is that the smaller breweries fall under the umbrella of the big breweries and could possibly look to lose their control, while with the other edge distribution for a smaller brewery becomes possibly great and allows access to markets which they may have never had. It is quite the situation, and there are emotions high on both sides. However for me, the idea of being able to try new beers is a great opportunity to try the things that previously we would only hear or read about.

10 Barrel Brewing Company is one of these companies and due to their acquisition by ABInBev; there beers are now starting to become available here in the Cincinnati area. And because of this, I was able to pick up their Razz Berry IPA. Now, this doesn’t mean that I am looking to spend a lot more time drinking these “Crafty” beers, but it does mean that I am not going to just pass over these beers either as I will try them from time to time.

That being said, the Razz Berry IPA was somewhat of an alluring beer to check out. A raspberry IPA definitely piqued my interest, and thought why not throw it in the basket. Coming in with an alcohol content of 6.8% ABV let’s see how this one plays out. Grab a pint and check out my review by clicking on the video below and join me to “Get Your Beer On.” Cheers!

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