Sunday, October 29, 2017

Basement Beer Tour: Back With More From WV Road Trip

For me, one of the fun things about making road trips is also looking to locate beers that may be available in the area. Usually this deals with mainly craft beers, but occasionally I will also pick up “crafty” beers which are craft beers that are no longer recognized as such now based on the definition of the brewers association which has been the group tasked with setting the standards of defining craft beer. Their standards tend to be arbitrary to me, but it is what it is and people have to have something to follow for a somewhat definition. Anyway, let’s get back to the trip.

Because of the way that we have a three tier distribution system in the U.S. as it pertains to beer, it definitely pays to look for local beers when in different areas to see what may be being explored by brewers. There are so many factors that go into the making of a beer that one might be able to find a nice surprise when doing so. This is what I try to seek out, and this time my trip was to Charleston, West Virginia, so my wife and mother could visit family. After a little checking around I was able to find one store that had craft beers that seemed worth a trip. That blew my mind. I am used to having a bevy of choices, but markets do matter and this seemed to be a limited one. I guess I am just spoiled by what I have here in the Cincinnati area, and thank goodness I do.

Anyway, I ended up going out to a location called The Liquor Company which I was able to locate using Yelp, although the directions from my GPS were terrible. I had to pull over in a Taco Bell parking lot and call, and the guys there were helpful in me securing the proper route which I appreciated. Once there, I was able to locate where some bottles could be purchased individually, which is what I like to do. They did have some local six packs but just didn’t want to load up on those this time. The store is a decent store by the way, and the guys were quite helpful. Funny thing is though; it had a lot of space yet to be filled. I almost felt like I was standing in a flea market, but hey, there were deals to be had for sure which you can see by checking out my video below. Let me know what you think too. Did I find any of your favorites?

This all being said, you know what to do. Grab a pint, click the video and join me to “Get Your Beer On!” Cheers!

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