Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Smuttynose Zinneke | Beer Review | 8.7% ABV

Zinneke is a Belgian-style stout that was released by Smuttynose Brewing and although it is now no longer in production, I was able to locate one during a past beer run and it is the subject of my next beer review here. This beer comes in with an alcohol content of 8.7% ABV and an IBU level of 46. Smuttynose Brewing is based out of Hampton, New Hampshire and always seem to have some pleasant beers. I am looking forward to checking this one out, so check out my video here to see what I think about this hybrid of two styles. And if you have had this one then feel free to comment and let me know any thoughts that you may have.

Keep drinking those good craft beers and Cheers!

Brewery Links:

Smuttynose Brewing: https://smuttynose.com/

Zinneke: https://smuttynose.com/beer/zinneke/

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