Thursday, September 28, 2017

HOPii | Your Personal Micro-Brewery

HOPii Personal Micro-Brewery System
HOPii is one of the newer innovations to be coming soon to the beer market for those that love beer. Being positioned as being able to provide a better beer experience at home that can be brewed by any beer lover on their own counter top, this invention may end up revolutionizing how some will enjoy beer moving forward.

So why should interest be piqued about this product? Think about how good beer is when at a brewery versus at home. Beer that is bottled or canned can still taste good, don't get me wrong. But the most avid beer drinker or beer connoisseur will tell you that nothing is as fresh as when you have it on draft and at the source. And that is what makes this product stand out it seems thus far from all that is being discussed.

Now personally I have not tried the beer, but on their site you are able to see what others are thinking with some also being from the brewing industry. Highlighted by having the freshness of that of the same quality of a brewery is astounding in itself. Place this with some of these other features below, and this is one item that definitely may be worth a look.

Quality Craft Beer at home. Tons of features on your countertop, plus the crazy powerful new temperature controlled fermentation tank.

Self Cleaning. More easy than ever before with one touch sanitizing - you'll never have to take it apart to clean.

Access to the best breweries. A slick kitchen gadget and some beer kits that us AI to produce some of your favorite hard-to-get microbrews. We even use the ingredients direct from the brewery, so it's guaranteed to taste the same or better.  The beer kits include a three-liter bottle of wort (basically beer juice) as well as an ingredient pack containing dry hops and other flavors, along with a pack of yeast.

Faster than normal brewing. Get all our stretch goals from the campaign as we finish them, including more beer kits. Most beers finish brewing in 4-7 days!!

Check out their kick starter site for more details by clicking here, and prepare yourself for what may be the next coming innovation in beer.

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