Saturday, September 2, 2017

Beer Review: Thirsty Dog Bernese Barley Wine

The Bernese Barley Wine Ale from Thirsty Dog Brewing Company out of Akron, Ohio is my latest subject here for a beerventure and beer review. This ale comes in with an alcohol content of 10.5% ABV along with an IBU level of 75, but don’t think hoppy as this one is definitely smoothed out by the malts that were used. It is also a seasonal offering available from November to March but as you can imagine, it is a beer that can be cellared and is often encouraged to do so by Thirsty Dog. It is available in four packs, although I was able to purchase as an individual.

But as for the beer itself, check out my video to catch my full details on this one. But in short, I was overall pleased with this offering and always tend to enjoy a good barley wine. The appearance, aroma and taste were all solid and did well meeting what it should for the style. For me I rated it 4.25 out of 5 and would definitely enjoy it again. Check out my video to see why and if you have had this beer then feel free to leave comments on your thoughts as well. And as always, keep drinking those good craft beers and Cheers!

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