Monday, August 14, 2017

Beer Review: Wooden Cask Reformation | Local Cincy Beer

Going local with this one as I was able to catch up with Randy Schlitz from Wooden Cask Brewing here in Newport Kentucky, and take a look at their Reformation Scottish Stout. This beer comes in with an ABV of 7% and 29 IBU, and is one that I have had in the past but had not been able to review. So it was nice that they went to bottling their beers in the last few months, which allowed me to bring one home for this look.

My review of the beer can be seen here on the YouTube video but in touching on a few of the highlights: the beer itself does provide a nice representation of the style. The color was where it needed to be although the head wasn’t as strong as it probably could have been. The body played nice and wasn’t really too thin and the flavor was solid overall. Carbonation wasn’t an issue as the beer did go down smoothly. Catch my video here to see more of my thoughts and as for my rating I rated this beer 3.25 out of 5 placing it just past my good level of 3. It didn’t knock me back, but I did enjoy it.

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