Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Beer Review: Elysian Split Shot

The Split Shot from Elysian Brewing comes in as a nice representation of a sweet milk stout and proved to be a nice pick for my latest review. The ABV on this one was 5.6% which is decent enough and was coupled with a 28 IBU. Dark in color with good aromas coming off the ale made this one a delight for both. The taste was where it needed to be, but for me the big knock would be that it does have some thinness in its texture. Is that overall bad, not really but I like for my stouts to have a little more sturdiness. The thinness here played more like that of a porter for me but that being said, stouts really are just bigger porters so can’t fault them too much. This one just played like a middle brother rather than the big one. All in all, a pretty decent beer as for me I rated it 3.75 out of of 5 and would definitely drink it again.

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