Saturday, August 5, 2017

Beer Review: Atwater Black & Cran | Roll Out The Barrel

A look at the Black & Cran from Atwater Brewery brought forth a Russian Imperial Stout that was fermented with cranberries and aged in Bourbon barrels. Coming in with an ABV of 9% and IBU level of 54, my interest was definitely peaked by this craft beer, so obviously I had to pick it up.

Dark in color with very little head, the beer provided a decent aroma. The taste was a little maltier than I expected especially on the initial, but the hoppiness did show up in the finish and the cranberries as well as the barrel aging were both detected pretty easily. Overall it was a good beer for me, which is why I graded it 3.25 out of 5 but check out my YouTube video below to gather more of the details on what I thought about this stout.

Atwater Brewery:

Atwater Black & Cran: No listing on the site at time of this post

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