Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Beer Review: Anderson Valley Barkley's Belgian Style Ale

My latest beerventure has provided me with the Barkley’s Belgian Style Ale from the solar powered Anderson Valley Brewing. This Belgian Strong Dark Ale comes in with an ABV of 9% however the IBU was unavailable. Anderson Valley really puts out some good beers so I was definitely looking forward to trying this one out, and I was not disappointed.

The appearance was solid as expected and like many of this style, there was no head to really to make mention of as it was very thin. However, the color carried a great darkish tone. But the aroma jumped off nicely as the dark fruits poured out without issue bringing notes of raisin, plum and licorice. I could have spent a good amount of time just smelling this for a period but the taste right, that is what we are really after.

The taste was smooth for me and I can see where this will be dangerous for some as the booziness is not really picked up in this one. And although it is a full body beer and does have some weight, the flavor just popped and I received a nice mouthfeel as well as mouthcoating from it. This beer is tasty indeed as it was able to get my whole mouth tingling. If you like Belgian style ale and especially the dark ale then this one is worth a try for sure. Check out my video here to get more details on this beer that I enjoyed and see why I rated it 4.5 out of 5 on my personal Untappd score. Cheers!

Anderson Valley Brewing:

Barkley’s Belgian Style Ale: No listing on site yet for this version

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