Sunday, July 30, 2017

Beer Review: MadTree Entropic Theory

One of the things that I like about supporting local breweries is that often they have other interests in the community which they support. They give back at the local level and that affects lives, so being able to raise a pint to that is always a good thing in my book. Hence, my looking at Entropic Theory from MadTree Brewing which is one of their latest limited release offerings aimed at helping to raise funds and interest for local children that are studying STEM as part of their scientific interests. See and hear a little more about this in the YouTube video attached here in the post. This India Pale Ale comes in with an ABV of 7.5% and 70 IBU making it a somewhat bittering treat for this latest review, but looks aren’t always what they seem.


First of all, I have to give props to MadTree on a well-designed call as the look is just perfect for what was being used as link between the beer and idea. As for the beer inside, the beer poured a nice golden orange-yellow color that ended up being capped nicely by a pretty much dead-on white head. During my pour, I was able to easily gather a two finger head which sat nicely in the glass with a good foaminess. There was some chill haze that added to the appearance, but I was still able to catch some of the bubble action inside as it raced toward the billowiness that was above.


The aroma of the beer was easily able to appreciate as the notes of tropical and citrus did come through from the hops used. To find out more on what these were make sure to go to the MadTree link below about the beer where the details are provided as well as a clone recipe for those that would like to brew it on their own. But the main notes coming through from the beer resonated to me of mango, pineapple, and orange, providing the quality of what one would expect when they think of a tropical type IPA.

Flavor / Plate:

The flavors that I mentioned for aroma were also right there where they needed to be for taste as well. I was able to pick up what reminded me of mango the most, but all came together nicely. The initial burst that I received on the initial was highly satisfying and it didn’t take long for my mouth to really have a nice tingling effect. There was no overabundance of flavor that we are seeing on some IPAs which also sat very well for me. As far as body, I would call this one a nice medium body as it wasn’t overly heavy and while there was some bitterness on the initial and finish, the balance between the malts and hops was decent enough that even the greatest of IPA haters may be able to make it through this one unscathed.

Overall Summary:

As a beer overall, MadTree did a really good job with the beer in my opinion. It is sure to have some of our local beer community buzzing about it. In my opinion, it could easily even rival its main flagship beer which is Psychopathy as that Tropical alternative. Maybe, this one will call for more research and they could bring it back to see…Hmmm I wonder. As to how this one sits on my personal Untappd rating scoreboard, it is 3.75 out of 5 for me. While it is very solid and mouth pleasingly good, it’s not one that I may go after more than once or twice at a time, but it is one that I would to break up a routine of what I may be drinking.

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