Sunday, July 23, 2017

Beer Review: Evil Twin Liquid Double Fudge

From Evil Twin Brewing comes the Liquid Double Fudge, this Imperial Stout boasts an ABV of 12% and the estimated IBU found places this one at 60, although bitterness was not really much of an issue for this dark ale during my tasting of it. Seeing something called Liquid Double Fudge was pretty much an automatic pickup for me when I saw it during a beer run. So let’s talk about it some, but if you would like to see my video review of this beer then please go ahead and click on the YouTube video which is listed here as part of this post.


Starting with appearance, I found it to be very nice in both the color of the body which was a nice dark brown color and probably as dark as it could be without being jet black as well as the foaminess of the tan or beige colored head which came out to be just about two fingers from the pour. With a stout, there are some limitations on the appearance but it represented itself very well and as it was being consumed, the lacing left behind was nicely done.


Aroma-wise, the beer was just oozing with sweetness from the malts and I was able to easily pick-up a chocolate feel as well as that similar to the fudge for which it was striving. I was surprised by some of the vanilla tones that I noticed but it just added to the beer very nicely. In the end, it delivered roasted coffee and chocolate notes in a way that you would expect a stout to do so.

Flavor / Palate:

So it looked good and it smelled good, but did it taste good? Isn’t that what we are really seeking when it comes to beers? Just as sweetness was received in the aroma, the taste followed right along the same lines. Now for some this could be an issue, but understanding what the beer is and what it should do then it shouldn’t be one. The beer’s taste was definitely that of decadence making it deserving of something like a dessert beer or maybe one for a nightcap. The thickness and full body of it just coated my mouth so nicely, that it was really like drinking a dessert. There was no issue with carbonation and although there was some light bitterness in the initial and finish, the overall creaminess of it was so smooth that any slight bitterness was easily offset.

Overall Summary:

So overall, I think that Evil Twin has put together a solid beer with this offering that is offered year-round. But for some it may weigh too heavy so bringing a friend to share it with could be a good idea, especially of you have a 22 ounce bottle like I did. There is a slight booziness and warming that will also come through on the beer but again at a 12% ABV, it is kind of expected that may be the case. As far as any rating score for how it fit for me overall in my beer enjoyment scale, I scored it 3.75 out of 5 placing it strongly in the area of good and just off of being very good.

Brewer Notes: N/A

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