Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tasting Bell's Brewery Lager Of The Lakes

Lager of the Lakes from Bell’s Brewery is a Pilsner style beer that comes in at an even 5% ABV. This Michigan beer provided a nice appearance with its hazy golden straw color and white foamy head, although the head did dissipate at a pretty quick rate. Carbonation was deceiving for the appearance whereas it didn’t look as lively although the taste did confirm that it was. Not over carbonated, but lively enough to let me know it was there as it sat on my palate, before the journey it would take down my gullet. Both aroma and taste were somewhat pleasant on this one, nothing to knock me back but enough for me to enjoy. As with a majority of lagers that I have sampled, yeasty on the aroma but not overly and unlike some of them, a nice pick up of the hops on the back end. These hops also transferred well into the taste which did have a nice pop of flavor as the beer provided a medium body experience. There was some thinness in the texture, but that was expected. Overall, I think it is a decent beer that will work well for many on a warm or hot day. My Untappd rating on Lager of The Lakes was a solid 3.25 out of 5.

Following in the tradition of Czech Pilsners by offering a combination of firm malt and herbal hop bitterness, Bell’s Lager Beer is as refreshing and crisp as a swim in the Great Lakes.

Alcohol By Volume: 5.00%

Original Gravity: 1.05

Shelf Life: 3 Months


Calories: 153

Carbs: 12.4

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