Monday, May 15, 2017

Press Release: Victory Brewing Cage Radler Release

Victory Brewing’s Cage Radler will make its 2017 debut this week and I wanted to give you some facts on this refreshing summer drink!

·       Similar in flavor to the more commonly known British shandy, a radler consists of a 50/50 blend of beer (often helles lager) and sparkling lemon soda or lemonade, to be served in beer gardens during the summertime.

·       The style of beer comes from the German word for cyclist: radler.

·       Our Cage Radler –so named for the water bottle “cages” attached to most bike frames– is actually formulated quite simply. In keeping with tradition we mix our own Victory Helles lager with sparkling lemon soda. The result is a light and crisp, malty drink with an abundance of zesty lemon flavor, enjoyed perfectly at home, on the trail in a can, or in a summer beer garden by the litremas.

·       We taste tested many different blending proportions around the brewery to find the perfect blend of lemon and lager, but ultimately we all together decided on the traditional 50/50 split as the best tasting.

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