Sunday, May 21, 2017

Great Lakes Grandes Lagos | Craft Beer Review

The Grandes Lagos from Great Lakes Brewing is a North American Adjunct Lager that is described by the brewery as a Mexican style lager that uses Hibiscus flowers in its brewing. The beer does pour out a brilliant color that I would best describe as pink or blush, and pretty wine like. Clarity is very nice on this one but as far as I know, all of the beers are at Great Lakes as they filter them all before going to bottle. Not too heavy at all, this 5.5% ABV beer is one definitely well suited for spring or summer as it doses deliver a nice refreshing quality. The head proved to be a little thinner than I expected but what wasn’t thin was the texture which was nice. While this one didn’t knock me back as much, it definitely has a spot to be enjoyed. My Untappd rating on this one for those that may be counting was a 3. Find out more of my thoughts on this beer by checking out the video here as well. Cheers!

Brewer Notes:

Colorful hibiscus flowers bloom against a picturesque malt backdrop in this refreshing cerveza from south of the border (of Canada, that is).

FLAVOR: A breezy getaway accented by beams of golden malt and a tart, pink-tinged hibiscus sunset

PACKAGING: 6-pack, 12-pack bottles, Draft

ABV: 5.4%

IBU: 20

PAIRS WITH: Shellfish, fruit desserts, and spring break


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