Monday, May 8, 2017

Beer Review: Flying Dog Bee Beer 7% ABV

What’s the buzz all about? Well in this case it is about the Bee Beer from Flying Dog Brewery. This beer was a part of the Brewhouse Rarities series, and was designed to bring a voice to the bees and the how their collapse poses a threat to our ecosystem. This Golden Ale comes in at a nice 7% AVBV and 35 IBU, and is brewed with honey and bee pollen. Check out my video here to see my thoughts and if this one leaves a nice sting. Unfortunately though as a rarity, it is no longer in production.

Brewer Notes:

Our Brewhouse Rarities series gives everyone in the brewery a voice. Our Flying Dog University Professor, Justin, wanted his to be heard not just for a new beer concept, but the critical threat bee colony collapse poses to our ecosystem. At least one Brewhouse Rarities release every year is an agricultural collaboration, and his pitch to craft a bee beer brewed with local bee pollen and honey immediately appealed to our powers that bee.

The beer incorporates Dutch Gold Buckwheat Honey and local bee pollen from Lord Byron’s Honey Apiary into an American Saison base. The golden color shows off the honey sweetness, which is present yet balanced. Justin chose buckwheat honey for its strong flavor. Strength is important because a lot of honey character ferments out during the process. The choice to use bee pollen was easy once he learned about its health benefits. (It’s high in protein and can be metabolized quickly.) A lot of breweries brew with honey, but few use bee pollen, as well, and Justin found that it adds a unique floral sweetness. Elevate your experience by drinking it alongside fresh chèvre with dried apricot and honey. (If you don’t understand what half of that meant, try pairing it with a non-factory cheesecake.)

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